The United States online sports betting by 2021

According to research firm Bernstein, the online sports betting market in the US can be worth up to $ 23 billion, double the annual revenue of Las Vegas casinos.

Reuters news agency (UK) reported that the online betting sites have faced strange situations in the US. The US Supreme Court of 2018 allows states to legalize sports betting. However, the federal Wire Act restricts gambling by state. Only a few states have an opportunity for online sports betting like New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

And these states have reaped the benefits. Sports betting in New Jersey grossed $ 4.1 billion year-to-October and online betting made up more than 90% in October. Sports betting, as well as other forms of home entertainment, attracted Americans during the blockade because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Predicting many other US states will also “jump into” this field when the tax rate on online betting is often higher than 10% and is growing strongly. For a country with a large fanbase of football, basketball and baseball, online sports betting is still more acceptable than online casinos.

Massachusetts is considering adding online sports betting to the state’s economic development bill. Ohio and New York have made similar moves.

Dublin-based betting company Flutter Entertainment has invested $ 4.2 billion to increase its stake in American sports betting site FanDuel. Flutter Entertainment praised the US as “the market with the greatest opportunities available today”.

The way to swing a baseball ball and make it difficult for the opponent to block the ball

Learn the basics of baseball

Baseball is a sports butt that is not easy. Each player and each team contributes to an extremely thrilling game. Attractive in each running step at the same time requires the attention to every second of the players. They have to practice to have the correct ball movements, and have a proper baseball game.

Depending on the playing position on the field, there are different technical requirements. Pitcher, also known as pitcher, has a different way of playing baseball. But the batter must have a precise polishing technique of centimeters. However, there are technical movements that require everyone to master. At least have a basic understanding of what it takes to get the correct movement without making mistakes.

Playing baseball involves many different techniques

So when you want to learn to play baseball, you must first master at least the basic terms. Along with that are three techniques: throwing the ball, hitting the ball and catching the ball. In today’s article, we will learn about pitching techniques in how to play baseball. From basic tutorials to how to make a dangerous swirl.

Basic baseball pitching

Pitcher is one of the positions that frequently use this technique. Their job is to make sure the batter cannot hit the ball.

So smooth movement is definitely a condition for you to become a true pitcher. Just calculate how to make it difficult to batter, but still coordinate so that the catcher (the player who catches the ball) can catch it easily. From there score points for his team.

The player is called the pitcher

Baseball pitching is a technique that requires serious practice from the player. Not just simply throwing a ball away, but they also include many other elements. Throwing force, pitch, ball timing, … And it all comes together into one basic technique that everyone must know when learning how to play baseball.

The throwing style

In how to play baseball from beginner to professional, there is the same way of pitching. Each pitch will determine the strategy of that shot. And often they will discuss first or sign with the catcher, to coordinate best.

The special thing here is that each style of pitching has a different way of holding the ball. Even though it was only small changes in the fingers. But they are extremely important for knowing what the pitcher is up to.

Fast ball: Throwing ball in a straight trajectory with high speed.
Off speed: Throw the ball at a slower speed than the fast ball. Can fly with many different trajectories.
Breaking ball: Throw the ball to change the trajectory when flying.
Curve Ball: Swing the ball
Slider: Similar to the curve ball, but the ball goes lower.
Survey: Throw the ball swirling but can change the flight trajectory.
Fork ball: Throw the ball with a slight shake so that the opponent cannot guess the ball.
Change up: is a kind of slow ball phase and fly in an orbit.
Cirlce change up: Throw the ball slowly but can change the trajectory.
4-seam fast ball: throw the ball in a straight direction with extremely high speed.
2-seam fast ball: the ball flies straight and fast but has left-to-right cut.
Sinker: The ball flies straight and fast, but tends to go down.
Cutter: is a fast ball phase with cutting from right to left.

Riot Games is fiercely against China’s illegal betting sites

It can be said that betting has always been an issue and an obsession with not only traditional sports but also esports. Recently, a news site specializing in esports in Korea, Inven, has published an article about betting on League matches related to Chinese betting websites. And these betting matches are more special than just matches that are ranked in server Korea.

Usually, betting sites only target matches that are in the domestic or international tournament framework. However, for League of Legends, it is a bit different, as it is a transfer time, there are no major tournaments going on. So Chinese betting websites have come up with a more unique trick, which is betting on Korean server ranked matches. And the betting matches are aimed at are the celebrities in the professional League of Legends world.

According to Inven’s information, these websites will bet on the ranked matches of the Korean professional players, the typical example is Faker. Even the matches of famous characters in the Chinese League of Legends, such as the legendary ADC Uzi or TOP Esports top laner JackeyLove are also bet on.

Of course, because the family wants to increase profits, they also have a lot of impact on these matches. Accordingly, they paid players who played the same match with professional League players to troll the game or change the outcome of the match. This has seriously affected the justice arena of Korea.

Therefore, Riot Games Korea has investigated and discovered more than 10,000 accounts from Diamond grade 2 or above with suspicious behavior and intentionally sabotaging the match. They decided to block these accounts since August 8 to prevent vandalism of ranked matches. Riot Korea said: “Illegal feed or illegal betting at ranked matches is not acceptable of any kind. We, at Riot Games, will do anything. in the ability to prevent these actions from taking place “.

On February 9, Riot Games opened a hotline for professional LCK players to report accounts of unusual behavior in the ranking match. Accordingly, the operating team will investigate these allegations and take appropriate penalties if it is correct.

Paolo Rossi and the betting scandal make the world shiver

After Diego Maradona, world football followers continued to receive more sad news when the once legendary Paolo Rossi also passed away at the age of 64.

Legendary Paolo Rossi born in 1956, having played for famous Italian clubs such as Juventus and AC Milan, is considered one of the best strikers of all time when playing brilliantly at the 1982 World Cup in Spain. bring Italy to the championship.

In addition to the titles that ten thousand players must dream of, Italian football legend Paolo Rossi has also “stained” when it comes to the Totonero scandal, a terrible sale in Italian football.

In the 1979/80 season, Rossi played for Perugia on loan from Vicenza. This was also the time when disaster struck for a player who was only 23 years old.

One day after dinner with members of Perugia, defender Mauro Martira persuaded Rossi to meet the two. At first, the young star just thought that ordinary fans came to ask for autographs, so reluctantly agreed.

However, when I went to see Rossi, I learned that Martira led me to football bettors. They want that the match between Avellino and Perugia will have a draw. At that time, Rossi and his teammates will lose nothing and still have money.

After meeting the bettor, Rossi and Martira convey the message of a “smelly game” (soccer betting) to the rest of Perugia. But do not get the approval of the majority. Therefore, Rossi and his teammates did not reach a settlement agreement with the betting group.

But ironically, in the end Avellino and Perugia split the score 2-2, in which Rossi scored twice. The incident would be okay if on March 23, 1980, just before the match against Roma at Olimpico Stadium, Rossi witnessed two defenders Martira and Zecchini being led by the police. The whole Perugia team was shaken, had no mind to play and lost 0-4. Until the end of that match, Rossi realized he could not be indifferent.

Eventually, Rossi was charged with fixing the score in the match in which he attempted to score 2 goals. According to the initial penalty, he was suspended for 3 years, but the poor performance of Italy Tel in the EURO 1980 finals made FIGC decide to do something.

At this time, many people think of Rossi and the youngsters penalty was reduced from 3 to 2 years, meaning he could play at Espana 1982.

During his suspension, Rossi signed a contract to join Juventus. Rossi played 3 matches (scored 1 goal) in Serie A at the end of the 1981/82 season, just in time to recover his fitness so that coach Enzo Bearzot could fill his name in the list of Italy for the 1982 World Cup final and in Spain, Rossi has become the hero of the army of color tones.

Tottenham Hotspur’s championship door wide or narrow?

Premier League 2020/2021 has gone 10 rounds – it’s close to the point where things are supposed to start to be clear. This is a very reasonable number of rounds to acknowledge that the situation has been fixed, and it also accounts for more than 25% of the season. Sure, the schedule hasn’t come to an end yet, but look to last season to see a prime example. After the 10th round, the Top 4 leading teams in the tournament according to the expected goal difference are Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester United. By the end of the season, the Top 4 on the Premier League rankings include Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, and United.

So how is the Premier League this season after the 10th round? The top spot is being occupied by Tottenham Hotspur. They are on par with the defending champions in terms of points, but José Mourinho’s army is occupying the top spot with the highest goal difference in the tournament (+12). Spurs are second in terms of the number of goals scored (21) and are the only team in the tournament that has not conceded two numbers (9 goals). They are a mix of the unique defensive stamina of every team led by Mourinho, and the ability to organize attacks that are among the best in the league in this regard, and now we It is safe to say that they are one of the top candidates for the 2020/2021 Premier League title.

The FiveThirtyEight model sees Spurs’ chance of winning at 9%, while that of the betting markets is around 6%. Betting firm Sporting Index had predicted they would end the season with 72 points, equivalent to Chelsea in third place scores, seven points behind second-placed Liverpool, and top group 8 Manchester City. point. Currently, they have been added 11 points compared to the prediction of the season and become a candidate for the championship. Spurs were once expected to be a team close to the Europa League group this season, and now they have a chance to win the Premier League so big that they cannot be ignored. So, how did Mourinho and his students do that?

European football unbelievable upside down

British press statistics after a break in the domestic tournament to yield players to national teams competing in the UEFA Nations League or World Cup qualifiers as far as South America or Africa, although there are certain errors but still reflect the reality of a “bizarre ball season“, possibly even completely reversing the order inherent in so many years.

How can it be understood when after only a few rounds of the season, the rankings are constantly disturbed, in which the teams last season were worried about escaping the relegation rate like Everton or squeezing into the European Cup group. Europe like Leicester or Tottenham take turns leading? The caliber as the two “big men” of Manchester that have to suffer from outside the first 10 positions for many consecutive rounds, fierce consequences from unbelievable defeats like Man United – Tottenham 1-6, Man United – Crystal Palace 1-3, Man City – Leicester 2-5, Tottenham – Man City 2-0 …

Sports science doctor Tom Little said that “this has been a crazy year, bringing many challenges to physical and mental health in the context of the still raging Covid-19 pandemic“.

According to, there have been 103 muscle injuries in the Premier League, up 16% over the same period last season. This number promises to increase even more in December and January next when the schedule in the UK enters the most stressful period.

Liverpool currently has 8 players to recover, followed by Leicester, Man United (with 7 cases), Arsenal, Man City (with 5 shifts), Tottenham (4), Chelsea (3), all of which must be Battle across multiple arenas from the start of the season, while also providing the most personnel for the national teams. The player is overloaded and the performance of the team also follows that losing stability is understandable.

The same story goes on outside of the UK. In the Bundesliga (Germany), for the first time in many years, the power of the duo Bayern Munich and Dortmund was shared, even the position of these two “big” is also fiercely competed by the middle class opponent like RB Leipzig, Moenchengladbach, Leverkusen …

In La Liga (Spain), two “giants” Barcelona and Real Madrid have both lost and lost many times, not just a stumble or a sudden stumble. Barcelona used to have 4 consecutive games without winning after only 7 games and now is in 10th place. Real Madrid lost 1-4 to Valencia, held a goalless draw by Sociedad or fell before the newly promoted team. Cadiz class.

In Italy, Juventus is no longer the number one force in Serie A when even the latest 2-0 victory over Cagliari in round 8 is not enough to help coach Andrea Pirlo’s army reclaim the top of the group from AC Milan. Even the temporary second place of Ronaldo and his teammates can also be stripped if the candidate line like Napoli, AS Roma wins all points in late matches.

Many European sports betting companies now have the odds for the championship end of the season, in which the chance to win with familiar teams such as Liverpool, Man City, Bayern Munich, Juventus … is not high.

DeChambeau is a ‘hot’ matchup in Masters

The DraftKings bookmaker DeChambeau wins the Masters with 1 to 9 odds. They record this door accounting for 26% of the total stakes in 11/11.
Despite holding the top of the World Golf Ranking List (OWGR), Dustin Johnson was second only to DraftKings during the Masters season with 11%. At the same house, Justin Thomas, the third OWGR took 10%, while Masters Tiger Woods and Brooks Kopeka both took up 9% of the bet.

At BetMGM Sportsbook, DeChambeau at the rate of 1 to 7.5 times also ranks first in the input value structure with 14%, while Johnson is also second with 13.6%, followed by Xander Schauffele (9.5% ).

But Schauffele holds the top in the number of bets. This Golfer accounted for 6.7%, followed by Woods (5.8%) and DeChambeau closed the top 3 (5.7%). Last year, Woods won the Masters at -13 with a one-stroke difference to T2 including Johnson, Koepka, and Schauffele. DeChambeau in T29. At that time, James Adducci picked up $ 1.19 million from William Hill in the US for placing $ 85,000 in the doorway Wood won Masters at a rate of 1 to 14 times.

At BetMGM yesterday, Kevin Kisner was on the door to win with 1 to 125. The house received 5,000 USD from a player who believed Kisner has crowned Masters. If it loses, BetMGM has to pay $ 625,000 – the largest payout of Master 2020 bets so far.
DeChambeau has been a pro since 2016, currently owns seven PGA Tour titles. As for Masters, he has only attended three times, the best of which was T21 four years ago. Golfer born in 1993 tops the PGA Tour in terms of tee distance, averaging 322.1 yards last season and 344.4 yards this season. In the training session in the second half of Augusta National Stadium on 9/11, Dechambeau regularly kicked 325 yards without touching the ground, going green after two shots and just one fairway slide.
DeChambeau won the major US Open 2020 in September. After that, most American bookmakers raised him for the Masters, meaning odds were down to 1 to 10 or less.

Kim Ng- the first female manager of an American sports club

The woman is full of energy

After decades of determination, it is the greatest honor of my career to be appointed to lead the Miami Marlins,” said Kim Ng in a statement in the NY Times following her inauguration. “When I first entered baseball, it seemed like a woman would never be able to lead a big team in a tournament of the caliber of MLB, but I have always pursued my goal firmly. My new goal now is to bring the MLB Championship to Miami, ”said Mrs. Kim.

Kim has been working as the senior vice president of baseball operations in the councilor’s office since 2011, directly under director Joe Torre. Previously, she also held important positions on the boards of the Los Angeles Dodgers (2002-2011), New York Yankees (1998-2001), and Chicago White Sox (1990-1996).

The Asian-born female general started her baseball career as a trainee at White Sox. She worked for the American League for a year and then joined the Yankees, becoming the youngest assistant general manager at MLB at age 29, and the second woman to reach that position with an MLB team. Kim also served as the Dodgers vice president and assistant general manager.

With MLB, Kim directs international baseball activities, working directly with executive boards of clubs and other baseball organizations around the world. She led a policy-setting and enforcement division, setting up the first system to manage the negotiation and registration of international players to MLB to sign contracts and negotiate. deals with tournaments around the world.

Power leader

Kim’s father, Jin, died when she was 11 years old, of Chinese descent born in America. Her mother, Virginia, was born in Thailand and is also of Chinese descent. While Kim’s qualifications have been recognized for a long time, it was not until she was officially appointed to the position of CEO of the Miami Marlins that she broke the two barriers “gender equality”.

Systemic racism in baseball has been around for a long time. Kim Ng was openly a victim of it in 2003 when the New York Mets special assistant Bill Singer made racist remarks against Ng during general manager meetings. Club in Arizona. At the time, Kim was the assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The singer was later fired.

In addition, the decision to appoint Kim as CEO also became a milestone: She not only became the first female CEO in MLB history, but also the first woman to take over the position. This is in a men’s team in the American professional sports system.
Kim was born in Indianapolis but attended elementary school in Queens and high school in New Jersey. She played handball at a young age and later became a star on the University of Chicago softball team, where she studied public policy.

After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1990, she was hired by Chicago White Sox to be an intern. Yankees CEO Brian Cashman hired Kim Ng as the assistant CEO in 1998, when she was 29 years old. During her four years in office, the Yankees have won three World Series titles and four League flags. One of Kim’s most notable achievements is the successful negotiation of contracts with stars like Paul O’Neill, Mariano Rivera, and especially Derek Jeter. The current CEO of Marlins is Derek Jeter. “We want Kim to bring the highest level of knowledge and experience to the Miami Marlins. Her leadership plays a key role in our path to sustainable success, ”Jeter told The Washington Post.
An online press conference to launch Kim in the new position is scheduled to be held next Monday. Soon after, she officially embarked on a new task.

The only Canadian baseball team is about to move home to the US

One of the NBA’s biggest problems next season will be dealing with COVID-19. The unfavorable disease situation can make international flights from the US to Canada unfavorable and that directly affects the only Canadian team in the NBA – Toronto Raptors.

Trước khi có quyết định chín thức của Ban tổ chức, Raptors đã ráo riết săn tìm những địa điểm có thể trở thành sân nhà mới. Ban đầu, đội bóng này được gợi ý thi đấu tại Kansas hoặc Louisville. Tuy nhiên, quá trình đàm phán tại Kansas không tiến triển, trong khi các cầu thủ Toronto Raptors không muốn tới Louisville vì đây là nơi diễn ra vụ giết hại Breonna Taylor.

However, it seems that GM Masai Ujiri and his associates have found a suitable location for a new home field, that is, Newark, New Jersey. The Toronto Raptors are negotiating to play at Prudential Center with a capacity of 19,000 seats.

Geographically, this is the perfect choice as the Raptors play in the Atlantic with football teams like the Boston Celtics, Brooklyn Nets, New York Knicks or the Philadelphia 76ers. New Jersey is very close to the headquarters of these clubs, reducing pressure to move.

Besides, New Jersey is a not small market and was also the place where the Nets team chose to be home for a long time. The re-emergence of a local football team can revive the love of NBA in the hearts of fans here, thereby increasing Raptors income during a difficult year.

The Raptors are not the only professional sports team to bring home from Canada to the US because of the COVID-19. At the American Major Baseball Tournament, Toronto Blue Jays played most of their home games last season in New York.

Super star 400 billion was accused of “misleading” the beauty in the bathroom

Yasiel Puig, 29, a Cuban baseball superstar, is having trouble both in his career and in private life. Regarding the career, a player who holds a fortune of 18 million USD is unemployed, before that he expired his contract with the American baseball club, Cleveland Indians in 2019, but so far has not found his new “parking spot”.

In terms of private life, recently the TMZSports newspaper revealed that the 29-year-old star is in trouble related to sexually assaulting a beauty named Jane Roe. The beauty accused Puig of using the alias Jane Roe, claiming she was sexually assaulted by the 29-year-old at the Staples Center on October 31, 2018.

In the complaint, there is a section saying that when the plaintiff went to the bathroom, she met Yasiel Puig, she was grabbed by this player and then committed abuse. The woman said that the two had previously talked, but she did not agree with the 29-year-old’s compulsive behavior.

The beauty filed a complaint and asked to receive an honorary reimbursement amount for her about 50,000 USD. Jane Roe annoyed: “I was completely shocked because it all happened so fast. It was scary and humiliating and I do not want anyone else to suffer as I went through.”

The victim’s lawyer told TMZ Sports: “The defendant is a burning star, he used his fame to intimidate and sexually assault a stranger. His shameless attack caused mentally and emotionally hurt our client, seriously affecting her life “.

Before the accusations from the lawyer as well as the harm, the 29-year-old player is still “silent”. At the age of 29, the Cuban player is having too many bad things and if he cannot prove his innocence, maybe Puig’s sports career could end here.