“I’m back”
Twenty-five years ago, this was the full text of one of the NBA’s most shocking press releases. It was sent from F.A.M.E, the agency of legendary Michael Jordan.

On March 18, 1995, a few days after Jordan officially retired from baseball. He has announced he will return to the NBA, to the Chicago Bulls and to the basketball world, to which he truly belongs 17 months apart.

Michael Jordan is one of the most outstanding baseball players in the world. But with his achievements in basketball, he has always been named a legend.

Starting off with joining a team in the Minor League (the minor division of the US major league, somewhat similar to today’s NBA’s G-League), MJ tried to portray himself in the colors of his shirt. The Chicago Whitesox was looking for first-team opportunities.
Initially, he did not play very well. But as a very hard worker, he has improved his performance over time and made an impression on the Arizona League. At this point, a few experts believed that Michael Jordan really had a chance to play at Major League Baseball.
Meanwhile, Chicago Bulls has been in a daze since Jordan’s departure. By the middle of the Regular Season, the legendary team that had many consecutive years of championships had plunged and only had a win rate of less than 50%. Scottie Pippen began to demand the exit and then Bulls manager Phil Jackson was “standing by the door to invite Pippen out of the team”.

It was thought that Michael Jordan gradually found a place in baseball and spent the rest of his career in MLB, at the same time watching his old team Chicago Bulls break up. But then, an “X factor” appeared.
In 1995, the MLB struck an athletic strike, stretching from the previous offseason to Spring Training (MLB’s annual series of events, the equivalent of the NBA preseason friendly), and potentially photographic. affect the whole season. The controversy regarding the registration, dispute and athlete rights made Jordan feel bored.
While the tournament organizers and the player’s unions were fighting each other, Michael felt that he wouldn’t have to stay and do what he didn’t really want.
So MJ secretly returned to Chicago Bulls to practice. To avoid eye contact and attention from many people, Jordan practiced early in the morning on the Bulls’ fear-training muscles. It’s all about making him prepare for his NBA comeback and it’s all in closed training grounds.
And then on March 18, 1995, Michael Jordan through the F.A.M.E representative company sent a fax to the media and press.