Baseball is a sport known for its powerful home runs and powerful pitches with speeds of nearly 161 km / h. But what makes the sport so attractive comes not only from the “appearance” of that power, but also from the wits of the players. Legendary catcher Yogi Berra once said “Baseball is 90 percent mental; the other half is physical ”- Baseball is 90% mental, the rest is physical.

In fact in all sports, the use of a steady mind and psychology is the prerequisite. In baseball, however, this is shown very differently because the time in the sport is quite free. The baseball player is given so much time on the pitch to think about his next move, the batter can step out of batter and go back and forth around the batter box. Or the pitcher can stand thinking of his next shot or walk around the mound without being rushed for time. This feature makes a baseball game very much like a chess game in which each player is a chess piece that is delicately “layout”.

These mind games have happened millions of times throughout the history of the sport. And with each different situation, the players plan for themselves different moves. A fairly common combo used by pitchers is to start with strong fast ball then finish with an off-speed (batters timing strike, possibly slow breaking-balls). ) to knock out the enemy batter. Or the batters deliberate swing of the bat in order to get the foul balls (the ball to hit the outside of the foul line is the two flanks of the field), causing the pitchers fitness to decline, creating an advantage subsequent polishing turns; or kicks (a type of ball by not swinging the club but keeping the club in front of the ball hitting the club) with a runner on the base to put pressure on the pitcher. Even moving around the batter box of the players is also a trick that hits the opponents psychology.

Just like when watching a baseball game, the audience is always curious about the next move and the intentions of the two players “whether the pitcher will throw a fast ball or a change up (the ball is the same as the fast ball but the speed is slow over and do not change trajectory) to trap the batter? or “Will the batter and runner play hit and run (hit and run) so that the runner can advance 1 base to create an advantage of scoring for the next turn?”. That is the real attraction of baseball, where every ball game is a brainstorming game attracting curious minds and passionate about strategy.