Born late after giving birth compared to traditional sports, but eSports has had time for itself the betting, semi-scandal throughout the development history.
On the afternoon of July 23, Garena Vietnam issued a notice: Prohibiting Mr. Nguyen Dong Phuong (Phuong Top) to participate in all activities, whether individually or in organizations related to Mr. Phuong in any way. including, without limitation, ownership, equity, capital contribution, partnership, or other forms of cooperation in all Lien Lien Mobile operations.
According to Garena Vietnam, this violation occurred when Mr. Nguyen Dong Phuong is still the Director and Legal Representative of the Team Flash Vietnam Investment Joint Stock Company.

Nhung vu ca do lam 'hong' nen eSports the gioi anh 1

The case of Mr. Phuong further compounded the backlog of eSports. If only in Vietnam alone, betting activities in electronic sports also have “seniority” certain.
Earlier this year, on February 12, police in Cau Giay district (Hanoi) said that they had prosecuted Phi Van Huan (39 years old, living in Cau Giay district) and 55 defendants involved in a trillion-dollar gambling line. Coach established EGOLD Vietnam Joint Stock Company but did not do business but to hide the operation of the gambling line on the website Powgs …
The investigating agency determined that through the website, the Training team organized gambling via online gaming through the Empire game (AOE). From July to September 2019, the boss’s line, born in 1981, illegally traded about VND 1,158 billion.
“Many gamblers love red and black after cursing money, cursing, even demanding to kill gamers. This story is not new and is happening very often in AOE forums”, Trong Duy, an AOE player Perennial resident in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City said.

Nhung vu ca do lam 'hong' nen eSports the gioi anh 2

On the world stage, scandals in esports have even sprung up since the year 2010. At that time, Korean Starcraft player Ma Jae-Yoon with the nickname sAviOr received a permanent ban for fraud. chain of matches. Since then, indigo cases have appeared in games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2 …
On March 13, 2014, “Promise” Cheon Min Ki, a famous Korean League of Legends athlete, decided to end his life after a jump from the 12th floor. Previously, he left a suicide note. receiving match-fixing behavior in a match. “Promise” was then saved with luck.
In Peru, Sina – the most famous Dota 2 player in this country is one of 5 Peruvian gamers who are banned from participating in competitions organized by Valve after it was concluded that his team intentionally lost a match at the ProDota Cup.