From next season, teams in La Liga will not be allowed to advertise to betting firms on competition clothing. This ban seriously affects their income, especially in the context of economic down turn because of Covid-19.

Không được quảng cáo cá cược, La Liga bị ảnh hưởng nghiêm trọng

A rare event happened at Letzigrund on September 15, 2009, in the match between host FC Zurich and Real Madrid in the Champions League group stage. That day, the visitors came in with a plain white shirt without the sponsor’s name attached. This is because Switzerland is one of the few countries in Europe that prohibits the advertisement of betting. While the sponsor of the shirt for Real Madrid at that time was the house Bwin.
After that, for the same reason, Real Madrid also had to wear a plain white shirt to play in Turkey, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on Galatasaray 2012/13 season. That is one of the reasons why the Royal team decided to break up with long-time sponsor Bwin to “marry” with Fly Emirates.

Valencia sẽ không được quảng cáo trên áo đấu cho nhà cái Bwin kể từ mùa tới

From next season, La Liga teams will not have to repeat the situation in plain white shirt as the case of Real Madrid anymore, if they go to Switzerland or Turkey. Because the Spanish government has decided to pass a law banning the advertising of betting in stadiums as well as on the costumes of teams. This is one of the efforts of the gaur government to prevent the growing tide of young people passionate about the red and black games. According to a statistic from the “National Drug Plan”, Spain currently has about 1.5 million “gamblers”, a 3-fold increase from the statistical results 7 years ago. In particular, 20% of the respondents aged 15 to 17 admitted to participating in online gambling.
It is known that over the past 9 years, Spain has amended and supplemented 6 laws related to banning advertising advertisements, but has not been completed. After each adjustment, controversy has always been raised and this time is no exception. Many teams in La Liga are reacting violently to this ban because it directly affects their “rice cooker”. Specifically, there are 8 clubs competing in the highest league of the country this season wearing the shirts of sponsors are betting companies. These are Alaves, Sevilla, Leganes, Valencia, Levante, Osasuna, Granada and Mallorca.

Sociedad gây sốc khi in tên CĐV lên áo đấu

The ban on the advertisement of sports betting in general and football in particular will also affect the Spanish government. Gaur country currently has about 4 million people of working age unemployed. The number could rise to 6, even 7 million unemployed. If the law prohibits gambling ads from going into operation, it will make the situation more serious. Currently, the house in Spain employs about 50,000 people. This will become a social burden to the Spanish government headache. According to the Spanish press, the average amount of Internet gambling in the country every year is about 8 billion euros and contributes a significant part to the government budget. However, according to the Spanish Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzon, no matter what, the law prohibiting the advertisement of betting needs to be born to contribute to order and stability. socialization.