Not only conveying the entire spirit of the game to the electronic screen, eSports also go beyond actual sports thanks to the variety of competitive features. That is why, in the context of practically all sports pausing, the eSport betting market has a chance to spread a terrible boom.

Football, basketball, tennis, horse racing or even darts, the sports that often appear on the betting market cannot compare with eSports in terms of growth. In 2018, the source of eSport betting was $ 1 billion according to a report by Venture Beat (an American corporation specializing in analyzing electronic data) but by the fourth quarter of 2019, this number was … 8 billion USD. With this increase, money in and out of this potential market is expected to reach 16 billion USD by the end of this year.

One huge advantage of eSports over other sports is that bookmakers do not have to pay game publishers at all. This is something that EA Sport and Konami have been fighting for over the years, but cannot be changed because eSports are agnostic, non-linear and not regulated by a federation or a national association. Come on. With ubiquitous Internet connection, eSport organizers don’t even need to rent event venues. Just a computer, a virtual space with sufficient bandwidth and infrastructure, eSports matches take place and match up.

Nevada, the capital of the US casino, has legalized betting on classic shooting game Counter-Strike on March 31. With the prize level for the state championship up to 750,000 USD, the betting market of this cult game is expected to explode. Especially in the context, the G-O (global) version with many new items has been added by the publisher. In 2021, Nevada will also allow betting on eSports matches in the MLS American Major.