British press statistics after a break in the domestic tournament to yield players to national teams competing in the UEFA Nations League or World Cup qualifiers as far as South America or Africa, although there are certain errors but still reflect the reality of a “bizarre ball season“, possibly even completely reversing the order inherent in so many years.

How can it be understood when after only a few rounds of the season, the rankings are constantly disturbed, in which the teams last season were worried about escaping the relegation rate like Everton or squeezing into the European Cup group. Europe like Leicester or Tottenham take turns leading? The caliber as the two “big men” of Manchester that have to suffer from outside the first 10 positions for many consecutive rounds, fierce consequences from unbelievable defeats like Man United – Tottenham 1-6, Man United – Crystal Palace 1-3, Man City – Leicester 2-5, Tottenham – Man City 2-0 …

Sports science doctor Tom Little said that “this has been a crazy year, bringing many challenges to physical and mental health in the context of the still raging Covid-19 pandemic“.

According to, there have been 103 muscle injuries in the Premier League, up 16% over the same period last season. This number promises to increase even more in December and January next when the schedule in the UK enters the most stressful period.

Liverpool currently has 8 players to recover, followed by Leicester, Man United (with 7 cases), Arsenal, Man City (with 5 shifts), Tottenham (4), Chelsea (3), all of which must be Battle across multiple arenas from the start of the season, while also providing the most personnel for the national teams. The player is overloaded and the performance of the team also follows that losing stability is understandable.

The same story goes on outside of the UK. In the Bundesliga (Germany), for the first time in many years, the power of the duo Bayern Munich and Dortmund was shared, even the position of these two “big” is also fiercely competed by the middle class opponent like RB Leipzig, Moenchengladbach, Leverkusen …

In La Liga (Spain), two “giants” Barcelona and Real Madrid have both lost and lost many times, not just a stumble or a sudden stumble. Barcelona used to have 4 consecutive games without winning after only 7 games and now is in 10th place. Real Madrid lost 1-4 to Valencia, held a goalless draw by Sociedad or fell before the newly promoted team. Cadiz class.

In Italy, Juventus is no longer the number one force in Serie A when even the latest 2-0 victory over Cagliari in round 8 is not enough to help coach Andrea Pirlo’s army reclaim the top of the group from AC Milan. Even the temporary second place of Ronaldo and his teammates can also be stripped if the candidate line like Napoli, AS Roma wins all points in late matches.

Many European sports betting companies now have the odds for the championship end of the season, in which the chance to win with familiar teams such as Liverpool, Man City, Bayern Munich, Juventus … is not high.