After an unimpressive comeback in the first race of the 2020 season on the Red Bull Ring race in Austria, Hamilton had a fairly easy second race on the same track in the second race, to have First win in a limited season. The 6-time world champion has returned to the race to conquer the 7th world championship, to be able to equal the record of legendary Michael Schumacher.

2 races have just taken place in Austria for fans to see the face of Ferrari in the present time. Their cars lag far behind Mercedes and Red Bull, and they even have to fight quite hard with the racing teams they didn’t care too much about before such as McLaren, Racing Point and Renault.
It is not yet known for sure that Ferrari’s capabilities in the official races when Leclerc and Vettel have eliminated themselves quite soon as the new race started last week. However, with what the SF1000 showed in the first race and the days of trial running in the second race. Clearly, the fans of the racing team from Italy were not disappointed. They need to prove their current strength at Hungaroring.
With the rules this season and the whole 2021 season, cars are only allowed to upgrade with very limited upgrade packages, Ferrari will have a lot of difficulties to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull.

Đua xe F1, chặng Hungarian GP 2020: Xác định sức mạnh của Ferrari - 1

Over two races, the mid-range teams have shown progress this season, McLaren is stabilizing with the duo Norris and Sainz. Norris had a good last lap to win 5th place in front of two Racing Point drivers, he was ranked 3rd on the table after the Mercedes duo.
Hungaroring is a race that has a lot of competition when with its characteristics, both Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are quite compatible with the laps here. Hamilton is the driver who won the most in Hungarian GP still playing.
He is also the driver who won in the last 2 seasons. This comeback with the current performance with the strength of the W11, another victory for Hamilton is not too hard to make.
Red Bull is showing the necessary progress, but there is still a big gap between them and Mercedes. Both drivers Verstappen and Albon were unable to prevent Mercedes’ victory in two competitions on the Red Bull Ring race, which is considered the home of Red Bull. The RB 16 was more stable in the second race, but they needed more speed and a little luck to win the Mercedes.

Đua xe F1, chặng Hungarian GP 2020: Xác định sức mạnh của Ferrari - 2

In the top mid-range racing teams, both McLaren, Racing Point and Renault are able to compete with Ferrari. In the second race, the contests of these teams to compete for the top 10 places caused a lot of excitement for the viewers.
The constant change of position after the overcoming phase creates many emotions. This time back, on the Hungaroring racetrack the possibility of similar dispute situations will continue to occur when the speed of the cars is very close to each other.
Drivers will continue to have no choice of tires during the Hungaroring race. Pirelli will provide them with 2 sets of Hard tires (white border), 3 sets of Medium tires (yellow), and 8 sets of Soft tires (red). Mercedes will still be the first choice.
The Ferrari duo should be more careful not to repeat the same incident as in the Red Bull Ring. The disputes of the teams behind Mercedes will be a highlight of the official race in Hungaroring this weekend.