The woman is full of energy

After decades of determination, it is the greatest honor of my career to be appointed to lead the Miami Marlins,” said Kim Ng in a statement in the NY Times following her inauguration. “When I first entered baseball, it seemed like a woman would never be able to lead a big team in a tournament of the caliber of MLB, but I have always pursued my goal firmly. My new goal now is to bring the MLB Championship to Miami, ”said Mrs. Kim.

Kim has been working as the senior vice president of baseball operations in the councilor’s office since 2011, directly under director Joe Torre. Previously, she also held important positions on the boards of the Los Angeles Dodgers (2002-2011), New York Yankees (1998-2001), and Chicago White Sox (1990-1996).

The Asian-born female general started her baseball career as a trainee at White Sox. She worked for the American League for a year and then joined the Yankees, becoming the youngest assistant general manager at MLB at age 29, and the second woman to reach that position with an MLB team. Kim also served as the Dodgers vice president and assistant general manager.

With MLB, Kim directs international baseball activities, working directly with executive boards of clubs and other baseball organizations around the world. She led a policy-setting and enforcement division, setting up the first system to manage the negotiation and registration of international players to MLB to sign contracts and negotiate. deals with tournaments around the world.

Power leader

Kim’s father, Jin, died when she was 11 years old, of Chinese descent born in America. Her mother, Virginia, was born in Thailand and is also of Chinese descent. While Kim’s qualifications have been recognized for a long time, it was not until she was officially appointed to the position of CEO of the Miami Marlins that she broke the two barriers “gender equality”.

Systemic racism in baseball has been around for a long time. Kim Ng was openly a victim of it in 2003 when the New York Mets special assistant Bill Singer made racist remarks against Ng during general manager meetings. Club in Arizona. At the time, Kim was the assistant general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers. The singer was later fired.

In addition, the decision to appoint Kim as CEO also became a milestone: She not only became the first female CEO in MLB history, but also the first woman to take over the position. This is in a men’s team in the American professional sports system.
Kim was born in Indianapolis but attended elementary school in Queens and high school in New Jersey. She played handball at a young age and later became a star on the University of Chicago softball team, where she studied public policy.

After graduating from the University of Chicago in 1990, she was hired by Chicago White Sox to be an intern. Yankees CEO Brian Cashman hired Kim Ng as the assistant CEO in 1998, when she was 29 years old. During her four years in office, the Yankees have won three World Series titles and four League flags. One of Kim’s most notable achievements is the successful negotiation of contracts with stars like Paul O’Neill, Mariano Rivera, and especially Derek Jeter. The current CEO of Marlins is Derek Jeter. “We want Kim to bring the highest level of knowledge and experience to the Miami Marlins. Her leadership plays a key role in our path to sustainable success, ”Jeter told The Washington Post.
An online press conference to launch Kim in the new position is scheduled to be held next Monday. Soon after, she officially embarked on a new task.