Draft of the business of betting on football, dog racing, and horse racing is being commented by the Ministry of Finance. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance proposed to allow Vietnamese people to gamble by paying via intermediaries such as e-wallets, prepaid phone accounts. This move is considered to be “untied” for the business of betting on international football in Vietnam.

In recent years, the situation of football betting is organized via the Internet has become a trend. Not only headlining in big cities, it also spread to the village roads and alleys. The online betting market is still underground with all mischief and mischief. With players, nothing is impossible, especially when just sitting in front of a computer or phone with an internet connection.
Holding a mobile phone, with just a few taps, people can easily access hundreds of football betting “bookie” websites. The most famous are: f88.com, w88.com, sbobet.com, fun88.com … with online members up to thousands of people. This is the convergence of members who have a deep knowledge of football, the ability to read the match, accurately analyze the markets, the rate of “house”.

Creating an online football betting account is one of the most basic steps that must be taken before engaging in this form of entertainment. When accessing a “house”, at this step will appear a form to ask people to update full, accurate personal information.

Because this is a form of entertainment that returns real profits, the transactions will go directly through the banking system, so the required information needs to be accurate. All the information to create an account only takes about 5 minutes, after that, players will easily participate in the bet. If it used to be just a king sports betting, now from basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, racing, horse racing, dog racing, all sports are brought out betting.

According to the proposal of the Ministry of Finance of Vietnam, the tournaments are held regularly, with a large number of fans watching as English, Spanish, German, Italian, French …; European, Asian and American club-level championships; national team championships of Europe, Asia, America, Oceania, and Africa regions; World Cup … need to allow businesses to bet on Vietnam.