In the wake of the major disruption of sports events around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Korea Baseball Association (KBO) has opened the Korean Professional Baseball League (KBO League) for the first time. 39 days 5/5 last. This event is like a “rain in the midst of drought”, alleviating the “thirst” for sports fans not only in Korea but also in the whole world. Numerous foreign correspondents came to report on the opening match. In particular, sports channel ESPN of the US and SPOZONE of Japan reported for the first time 5 live matches taking place at 5 baseball stadiums across the country on 5/5.

Korean professional baseball tournament
The Korea Professional Baseball League is an annual tournament involving 10 teams, usually opening at the end of March. Initially, KBO is expected to kick off the 2020 season on March 28. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opening schedule was delayed. The opening matches on 5/5 took place without spectators. In the opening five matches, the match in Daegu City and Suwon City (Gyeonggi Province) took place more than 30 minutes later than expected. The match in the city of Gwangju was also interrupted for a while due to a nearby fire in the middle of the match. However, the players still play hard, fans follow online and cheer enthusiastically in many different forms. The 5 opening matches took place very hotly, with 10 direct home shots, satisfying the thirst that lasted all the time for baseball fans. Because fans could not go to the stadium to watch directly on TV, the match rate on television set a record high. The tracking rate through the three terrestrial broadcasters and cable TV channels is 1.47%, which is about 2.16 million viewers. The number of followers on the internet increased 4 times compared to last year. According to the plan, the Korean Baseball Association will host a full 144 games this season.

Worldwide attention

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Korea Professional Baseball 2020 has become a worldwide sports event, because fans are looking forward to a sports event in the middle of the COVID-19 season. The most interesting thing about sport is the unpredictability and unpredictability. Therefore, whether it is a good and dramatic match but without watching live television, it will not be able to feel all the “true taste” of sport. Previously, Taiwan was the first country in the world to open a football tournament in the middle of the COVID-19 season, but did not attract as much attention as the Korean Professional Baseball League this time. KBO League, although not the top baseball league in the world, is considered to be of high quality and attractive, so it has a different attraction than the American Professional Baseball League (Major League Baseball) for fans. In particular, in the context of today’s frozen world sports, baseball games in Korea can be considered as very precious events for fans. In addition, the world public is also interested in how Korea overcomes the COVID-19 pandemic in the field of sports. World media has focused on South Korea being able to kick off the KBO League because Seoul successfully dealt with the COVID-19 epidemic. This event will become an important “reference” for countries to move forward to resume their country’s sporting leagues.

Prospects for Korean baseball tournament
It is difficult to expect big sports leagues in the world, such as professional baseball, USA, Japan, European football will soon reopen in the context of complicated COVID-19 epidemic. Major sporting events such as the Olympic Games are still in a state of prolonged delay. Accordingly, the KBO League is expected to be “the only comfort” for world sports fans during this time. President of Korea Baseball Association Chung Un-chan expressed his thanks for the dedication of the medical staff, the cooperation of the people to help KBO to be able to open the 2020 season. Mr. Chung pledged to pay tribute giving fans the most quality and attractive matches.
Elsewhere, the Korean Central Committee for Accident Prevention and Safety Management said in the near future it would consider a plan to gradually allow fans to watch KBO League matches depending on the situation. Translation of COVID-19 in water.