After Diego Maradona, world football followers continued to receive more sad news when the once legendary Paolo Rossi also passed away at the age of 64.

Legendary Paolo Rossi born in 1956, having played for famous Italian clubs such as Juventus and AC Milan, is considered one of the best strikers of all time when playing brilliantly at the 1982 World Cup in Spain. bring Italy to the championship.

In addition to the titles that ten thousand players must dream of, Italian football legend Paolo Rossi has also “stained” when it comes to the Totonero scandal, a terrible sale in Italian football.

In the 1979/80 season, Rossi played for Perugia on loan from Vicenza. This was also the time when disaster struck for a player who was only 23 years old.

One day after dinner with members of Perugia, defender Mauro Martira persuaded Rossi to meet the two. At first, the young star just thought that ordinary fans came to ask for autographs, so reluctantly agreed.

However, when I went to see Rossi, I learned that Martira led me to football bettors. They want that the match between Avellino and Perugia will have a draw. At that time, Rossi and his teammates will lose nothing and still have money.

After meeting the bettor, Rossi and Martira convey the message of a “smelly game” (soccer betting) to the rest of Perugia. But do not get the approval of the majority. Therefore, Rossi and his teammates did not reach a settlement agreement with the betting group.

But ironically, in the end Avellino and Perugia split the score 2-2, in which Rossi scored twice. The incident would be okay if on March 23, 1980, just before the match against Roma at Olimpico Stadium, Rossi witnessed two defenders Martira and Zecchini being led by the police. The whole Perugia team was shaken, had no mind to play and lost 0-4. Until the end of that match, Rossi realized he could not be indifferent.

Eventually, Rossi was charged with fixing the score in the match in which he attempted to score 2 goals. According to the initial penalty, he was suspended for 3 years, but the poor performance of Italy Tel in the EURO 1980 finals made FIGC decide to do something.

At this time, many people think of Rossi and the youngsters penalty was reduced from 3 to 2 years, meaning he could play at Espana 1982.

During his suspension, Rossi signed a contract to join Juventus. Rossi played 3 matches (scored 1 goal) in Serie A at the end of the 1981/82 season, just in time to recover his fitness so that coach Enzo Bearzot could fill his name in the list of Italy for the 1982 World Cup final and in Spain, Rossi has become the hero of the army of color tones.