Basketball betting has become very popular around the world and nowadays quite a lot of players are betting on this genre. But that doesn’t mean that betting on basketball and winning a little money is easy. There are thousands of basketball betting tips and tips abounding on betting forums and websites. However, first of all, you must remember that betting on basketball is merely a bet and so there is no single strategy or plan that can guarantee a victory for you all the time. The first thing you need to do before placing a bet is to learn about the different types of basketball betting available to see which ones are suitable for you, and which ones are in your favor to win.

Popular forms of basketball betting
The competition set has the most points
Predict which team scores the most points in a set, taking the match with the highest score of both teams to compare.
If both teams are equal in the set with the most points, it will be considered a tie, the stake is refunded to the player.
4 sets must be completed, regardless of overtime.
First score / previous score 20 points
Predict which team will score first or which team will score 20 points first.
Player / Team: Total Score / Throw / Pass / Tuck / Block / Ball 3 points
Place bets based on the statistics of the match.
Bets on the player who does not play will return the bet.
If a player has played but has not scored, blocked the ball or assisted an attack, 0 points are considered.

In a match, a total score of “Even” or “Odd” is based on the results played for 43 minutes until the end.
Handicap betting
In a match with one team handicap remaining, the match result is also based on the score after 43 minutes of official play until the end.
Over/ under
Over / under (total score of the game) in a basketball match, the total score of the match is higher than the total number of bets is called the “Over” handicap, and vice versa is called the “Under” handicap.
If the result of the match is equal to the score “Over / Under” then it will be considered a tie, all bets will be returned, the match result will be counted for the official 43 minutes plus any extra time.

Hopefully, through the article on the popular basketball betting methods above, it can help you learn more about the types of betting on sport as well as help you on the way to betting professional basketball. If you are new to basketball betting and there are many things about basketball betting you do not know, then you need to check our articles on how to play basketball to improve your skills and experience. experience playing basketball online for yourself or refer to the article on how to choose an online casino to ensure that you will choose a reputable online casino dealer when participating in playing basketball or card games online, avoid fake bookmakers. If you have chosen basketball betting, please regularly update our good articles to get more experience and knowledge in how to play basketball! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below, we will answer your questions for you. Please listen to recommendations from us as well as others. Not indiscriminately receiving information, but about receiving and capturing the information of the profession as well as the analysis of our experts or on betting forums, opinions their proposal is legitimate and really valuable.