Paraguay’s Olympia is South American football’s most successful club. Mr. Marco Trovato served as chairman of the most successful South American club, but he sold his soul to the devil. He “used” the club to play betting on sport within two years of 2018 and 2019. Before this shocking information, the World Football Association (FIFA) excluded him from football activities for life.

Paraguay football is not as successful as its neighbor Uruguay, but they have Olympia club which is proud of winning the Libertadores Cup three times (equivalent to the European Champions League) and holding a record 44 times of the Paraguay championship.

During the investigation, FIFA has said that many matches in 2018 and 2019, the chairman Trovato ordered the team to kick under “the contract he designed” to do. It should be added that FIFA will continue to find the end of the problem. In the short term, the head of this club is eliminated from football for life and is fined $ 108,000.

The lawyer representing Trovato said it would sue to the International Sports Court (CAS) and the higher Court on this case. While Mr. Trovato said that the FIFA ruling was political (?), He personally overwhelmed him because there was no convincing evidence.

Mr. Trovato said that no matter what he was, the club continued to grow. Before this lightning information, the President of the Paraguay Football Federation, Mr. Robert Harrison said: “It is shocking news and extremely disappointing for us. I will ask the lawyer to clarify some issues, because here it goes beyond the match-fixing. It has to do with the history and prestige of a top South American club ”.