Riot Games is fiercely against China’s illegal betting sites

It can be said that betting has always been an issue and an obsession with not only traditional sports but also esports. Recently, a news site specializing in esports in Korea, Inven, has published an article about betting on League matches related to Chinese betting websites. And these betting matches are more special than just matches that are ranked in server Korea.

Usually, betting sites only target matches that are in the domestic or international tournament framework. However, for League of Legends, it is a bit different, as it is a transfer time, there are no major tournaments going on. So Chinese betting websites have come up with a more unique trick, which is betting on Korean server ranked matches. And the betting matches are aimed at are the celebrities in the professional League of Legends world.

According to Inven’s information, these websites will bet on the ranked matches of the Korean professional players, the typical example is Faker. Even the matches of famous characters in the Chinese League of Legends, such as the legendary ADC Uzi or TOP Esports top laner JackeyLove are also bet on.

Of course, because the family wants to increase profits, they also have a lot of impact on these matches. Accordingly, they paid players who played the same match with professional League players to troll the game or change the outcome of the match. This has seriously affected the justice arena of Korea.

Therefore, Riot Games Korea has investigated and discovered more than 10,000 accounts from Diamond grade 2 or above with suspicious behavior and intentionally sabotaging the match. They decided to block these accounts since August 8 to prevent vandalism of ranked matches. Riot Korea said: “Illegal feed or illegal betting at ranked matches is not acceptable of any kind. We, at Riot Games, will do anything. in the ability to prevent these actions from taking place “.

On February 9, Riot Games opened a hotline for professional LCK players to report accounts of unusual behavior in the ranking match. Accordingly, the operating team will investigate these allegations and take appropriate penalties if it is correct.