Sports betting takes technology products to the next level

June 1, 2020

The US Supreme Court’s legalization of sports betting in May 2018 was a “big push”, boosting the online betting industry to create artificial intelligence products and applications high technology.
In a country where the amount of illegal sports betting is up to $ 150 billion a year like in the US, developing an online interactive betting app will bring a “huge” profit for technology corporations. Over the past 4 years, Israel’s WSC Group has been a close partner of NBA in the application of AVGEN (Automatic Video Generator) technology to create highlights videos, synthesizing remarkable situations in football matches. the basket automatically, even after the situation ends.
These highlights videos sparked interest for NHM in predicting the next evolution of the match, thereby betting on the possibilities. It is the success of WSC Sports that motivates other technology “Kies” like VSiN and Optimove to invest more heavily in online sports betting.

Cá cược thể thao đưa các sản phẩm công nghệ lên tầm cao mới

While sports betting has been developing in Europe for many years, the US was considered a “nascent” market after the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was officially wiped out. ”In 2018. That’s why so many reputable betting companies in Europe have flocked to the North American region to implement investment projects. On the other hand, many media units in the US are oriented towards development like sportsbooks, where users can access and bet on whatever sports they want.
“Artificial intelligence and high-tech products help bookmakers determine the exact development strategy for different customer segments based on trends and interests. This helps the fans feel excited and actively participate in betting activities. Trust and interest of users is expressed through the number of “mouse clicks” and bets. In short, trust is profit, ”said Shaka Arnon, co-founder of WSC Sports.
Right in the NBA, WSC Sports will automatically send videos of the match’s most notable situations to the NHM Facebook account. This makes NHM feel excited, curious to predict the situation that will happen next in the match. Based on the history of past visits, the betting app will display the information “rafters” that NHM is interested in. Even, there will be attractive rewards for those who access the application repeatedly. This is not only the direction of WSC Sports in online betting, but also the common operation of some popular service packages in the world such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Cá cược thể thao đưa các sản phẩm công nghệ lên tầm cao mới

Optimove is a veteran name in the sports betting market. Many of the Group’s customers are in the ERG Power 50, a list of the most influential online betting companies in the world published annually by Intel Corporation. Optimove provides services to assist bookmakers in interacting with app users through touch points, mouse clicks, and even via email.
“Betting firms must always prioritize maintaining interaction with customers. All information that customers need must be available. That is why we use virtual assistants (artificial intelligence technology) in tightening the relationship between our brand and customers, ”said Hila Perl, Director of Public Relations of Optimove confirmed.
Based on data relating to the betting companies’ activities as well as user interaction to online betting applications, Optimove will develop a predictable plan. This is an important basis for this technology corporation to create new products and services.