In 2019, the country of Afghanistan was happy when their U-20 Futsal team won second place in Asia after the final defeat to U-20 Japan in an equal match. But the country of war, civil war and religious factions has not only ammunition, gunpowder smell, but still balls.

Sometimes in each of us we wonder, these unstable countries, how do they play sports on the great outdoor courts?
For many countries, many regions of the world, football is still the king sport, but each country, each community has its own choice of “king sport” and Afghanistan is like that.

Central Asia, where Afghanistan, Pakistan … are the world’s leading powers in baseball, Afghanistan is the world powerhouse in baseball, and Pakistan has won the World Cup baseball. The Prime Minister of Pakistan today is Imran Khan who was the captain of the Pakistani baseball team to win the World Cup.

Many countries choose football as the king sport ”but many other countries choose baseball, rugby, American football (ie football with foot kick).
When a look from a football-crazy country to Afghanistan with no football or very weak football, do we think that their sport is nothing? On the contrary, when looking from Afghanistan to other countries, if they don’t see baseball, do they think like we do about them?

The strip of Central Asia to South Asia such as India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh are all countries with very strong baseball and rugby.
In Afghanistan, where this country goes, very young children can be found who took the damaged AK gun stock and made baseball bat play on dry fields full of bomb craters and bullet holes. That is the land that incubates baseball talent.

AFP news agency has a story about baseball in Afghanistan and they discovered, the wooden stick of the AK gun stock is never to be thrown away when the gun is damaged because of years, people throw it everywhere, but the baby brought it back… made a baseball bat. It is the vehicle, incubator for baseball talent for Afghanistan.

Wherever in Afghanistan, people also see baseball, spectators watching a baseball game on a dry grass … it could be soldiers holding AK guns while watching baseball, or it could be the force. selling armed forces, militia and self-defense. Even in insecure areas, the spectators holding AK guns and watching baseball outside were Taliban forces, …

Aghanistan is a baseball powerhouse where child talents are not grown from luxury academies with full amenities, expensive sports equipment and a team of talented coaches. Afghanistan’s baseball talent was born in bombs, fire out, and used the AK gun as a ball to play.