Adduci, on September 17, watched Mickelson play the opening round of the major event led by the American Golf Association (USGA) at the West Winged Foot Course in New York. Both holes, Mickelson have not kicked well but still birdie.

“I stayed at home watching Phil hit those two holes without thinking much. But maybe I can take something off, envisioning the significance of Winged Foot’s reunion and its impact towards the end of his career. Imagine I am him, how important it is to win this award. It must be a milestone in Phil’s career, “Adducci, 39, in Wisconsin, told Golf Digest on September 18.

“Phil is so lovable and fan-friendly. He is known to like to bet and wants to take chances. What I do is just fun, and of course it will be more fun if Phil wins. Constructing the audience to prevent Covid-19. Therefore the bet is also a form of support for the joy that Phil brings to the fans, “Adducci further explained about betting on golfer six times. runner-up at the US Open

Adducci considered Mickelson’s door for months. Last week, he flew to Las Vegas and made a bet at the William Hill house. This is the second largest individual golf payout bet in the history of this bookie, as Adducci staked $ 45,000 at 75/1 (1 to 75 bets). If Mickelson wins, Adducci wins $ 3.375 million.

“I almost fell off my chair when I found out someone got down the money at that door. This man must have had a colic and had enough strength to follow along. I had to drop my hat for it,” said William Hill, US Transaction Manager. , Says Nick Bogdanovich.

But in the first round of the US Open on September 17, Mickelson, after two birdies, broke the game in the remaining 16 holes. Hit 79 strokes, he stood T142 at +9 point, overwhelming the team competing for the title of 144 people. Mickelson is just a step above amateur golfer Lukas Michel at the bottom of the table with +10.

The chances of winning the bet decrease, but Adducci still hopes Mickelson will flourish in the next round and receive tickets for two rounds of the weekend. However, Mickelson hit 74 strokes on September 19 and did not pass.

In April 2019, Adducci bet $ 85,000 at 14/1 on Tiger Woods’ door to win Masters, also with William Hill. And “Super Tiger” won the 15th major, received 2.07 million USD, and Adducci got 1.275 million USD in winnings.

A few days after receiving the money, Adducci continued to put an extra $ 100,000 in Woods to win both the PGA Championship, the US Open and The Open Championship to hold the four traditional major quartet of the same year – the grand slam. This time, the odds go up to 100/1. Almost a month later, William Hill won against Adducci, due to Woods being cut off in the PGA Championship.