Horse racing relies heavily on betting to pay the rider and horse rider. Sports betting is different because the subject of the bet does not benefit from this activity, even though the form of betting between the two categories is similar. Many Asian countries have a tradition of sports betting, but casino operations are considered illegal or uncommon.

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It’s no secret that sports betting has a big impact on the percentage of people watching sports-related TV shows. The most typical example is matching within the framework of the National Football Association (NFL). The city of Las Vegas ranked third in the Sunday Night Football program’s most viewership ratings in the 2012 season. This is no coincidence because Las Vegas is the heart of American sports betting. So far, this is the largest legal sports betting market in the US.
Australia plans to ban television and radio from betting on sports games that are broadcast live, to reduce the number of gambling addicts (estimated 500,000). In addition, gambling ads will no longer appear in live television events and around sports venues. Ads will only be shown before or after the game, or at recess. Big sports tournaments often do not like betting. They are also the plaintiff in a lawsuit to prevent the New Jersey state government from legalizing and regulating sports betting activities at casinos and racetracks throughout the state. NFL does not allow betting to open at Wembley Stadium during the annual NFL season there.
The National Basketball Association (NBA) does not allow betting at the All-Star Game in Las Vegas in 2007. The NBA does not allow the Ontario lottery company (Canada) to accept bets from any NBA matches. NBA also opposes betting through sports lottery company Oregon. Meanwhile, the National Hockey Association (NHL) only accepts a few sports betting activities: It is not forbidden for Canadian provinces to accept bets on their matches.
The US Professional Baseball Championship (MLB) does not prohibit betting against the Toronto Blue Jays and does not restrict matches related to the Montreal Expos team before the tournament is franchised in Washington DC and becomes a national tournament.
Organizers of sports tournaments say that they do not accept bets because this activity can easily lead to criminal behavior affecting the matches. The scandal of referee Tim Donaghay is an example. Between 2005 and 2007, Donaghay was found betting on matches controlled by him. However, many people believe that legalizing sports betting will help uncover similar cases.
While many sports tournaments worry about their products being used as gambling tools, many people think that sports tournaments do not need to push the sports betting industry to become sneaky. unmanageable level. According to some estimates, in the world, the illegal betting industry is worth 500 billion USD / year; The majority of betting revenue comes from Asia.

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Surveys show that American players who are able to influence the outcome of a match can make more money from playing well, than from arranging the score. No good player in the NFL, NBA or MLB makes so much money that they have to find a way to change the match score. Arbitration is another story, but the Donaghy scandal seems to be a single incident. All sports leagues must investigate all of the referee’s misconduct, regardless of whether the sports betting is legalized or not.
Casinos are legally recognized in 28 of the 50 US states, but not all of them are interested in sports betting. In fact, up to now only 3 states have really cared about this activity. Nevada has allowed sports betting. Delaware and New Jersey hope to expand betting. Montana for fantasy betting for motor racing and NFL through the release of lottery. In fact, the American Commercial Racing Association (NASCAR) does not prohibit racers, crew members, or betting owners from their teams.