Learn the basics of baseball

Baseball is a sports butt that is not easy. Each player and each team contributes to an extremely thrilling game. Attractive in each running step at the same time requires the attention to every second of the players. They have to practice to have the correct ball movements, and have a proper baseball game.

Depending on the playing position on the field, there are different technical requirements. Pitcher, also known as pitcher, has a different way of playing baseball. But the batter must have a precise polishing technique of centimeters. However, there are technical movements that require everyone to master. At least have a basic understanding of what it takes to get the correct movement without making mistakes.

Playing baseball involves many different techniques

So when you want to learn to play baseball, you must first master at least the basic terms. Along with that are three techniques: throwing the ball, hitting the ball and catching the ball. In today’s article, we will learn about pitching techniques in how to play baseball. From basic tutorials to how to make a dangerous swirl.

Basic baseball pitching

Pitcher is one of the positions that frequently use this technique. Their job is to make sure the batter cannot hit the ball.

So smooth movement is definitely a condition for you to become a true pitcher. Just calculate how to make it difficult to batter, but still coordinate so that the catcher (the player who catches the ball) can catch it easily. From there score points for his team.

The player is called the pitcher

Baseball pitching is a technique that requires serious practice from the player. Not just simply throwing a ball away, but they also include many other elements. Throwing force, pitch, ball timing, … And it all comes together into one basic technique that everyone must know when learning how to play baseball.

The throwing style

In how to play baseball from beginner to professional, there is the same way of pitching. Each pitch will determine the strategy of that shot. And often they will discuss first or sign with the catcher, to coordinate best.

The special thing here is that each style of pitching has a different way of holding the ball. Even though it was only small changes in the fingers. But they are extremely important for knowing what the pitcher is up to.

Fast ball: Throwing ball in a straight trajectory with high speed.
Off speed: Throw the ball at a slower speed than the fast ball. Can fly with many different trajectories.
Breaking ball: Throw the ball to change the trajectory when flying.
Curve Ball: Swing the ball
Slider: Similar to the curve ball, but the ball goes lower.
Survey: Throw the ball swirling but can change the flight trajectory.
Fork ball: Throw the ball with a slight shake so that the opponent cannot guess the ball.
Change up: is a kind of slow ball phase and fly in an orbit.
Cirlce change up: Throw the ball slowly but can change the trajectory.
4-seam fast ball: throw the ball in a straight direction with extremely high speed.
2-seam fast ball: the ball flies straight and fast but has left-to-right cut.
Sinker: The ball flies straight and fast, but tends to go down.
Cutter: is a fast ball phase with cutting from right to left.